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P2BXA/P2LXA MB Package

Price: $12,000.00
The world first one and only one consumer-oriented dual-processor MB which is the precursor of two-core or multiple-core CPU associated MB. These MB are only for collection purpose. Please order it after broad survey and thinking in depth. Any question please contact or . We will make email confirmation and accept check only. No technical support and no refund also the quantity is very limited. Order this product will obtain a copy of computer systems history digital book with free lifetime updates and also free unlimited future physical electronics museum admissions automatically. Product detail please check

Expensive? You know the world first personal computer Apple-1 whose market price is around 1 million dollars per piece now. Actually in 1975~1976 Steve Wozniak (Steve Jobs is his business partner) is the first person who just combined KIM-1 6502 microcomputer module with Don Lancaster developing TV typewriter module forming the convenient to use "personal computer". Starting from 1977 there are several companies by using this concept built their personal computers and started so called "Microcomputer Revolution".

Believe it or not! We spend almost one million dollars to develop, design, manufacture, test and market consumer-oriented dual-processor MB P2LXA/P2BXA during 1997~1998 timeframe, and tested all the dual-processor performance under dual-processor supported Operating System in various kinds of popular commercial computer applications and posted summary results in our website at that timeframe. Actually they are precursors of Intel & AMD announced dual-core CPU in 2005 and started so-called "Core-based" microprocessor era till now, maybe forever.